cabletieIt’s not every day you hear about major innovations in the cable wire tie industry.  In fact, as a whole, zipper ties haven’t changed much since 1958, when they were first invented.

That is, until now.

Up to this point in the industry, a cable wire tie has been invented for many different uses.  If you work in an industry that requires their usage regularly, or if you use them often around the house, you may have an assortment of them organized neatly in a storage area.

But now that the Universal Cable Tie has been invented, you need only 1 tie.  The change that differentiates this zipper tie from all others is relatively simple.  Like all other cable ties, it zips together and easily bundles a number of cords.  However, it also has a number of holes running nearly its entire length, allowing it to be mounted to any surface that accepts a standard Phillips-head screw.

1 Minor Change Will Revolutionize the Zipper Tie Industry

Even though the innovation is relatively minor, it allows the Universal Cable Tie to easily handle all situations that used to require many different cable wraps. Do you need to place the tie at regular intervals along a bundle of cables to keep them from becoming disorganized or becoming a tripping hazard?  Do you need to bundle some heavy-duty cabling for industrial applications?  Maybe you need to mount the cabling to some woodwork?

Check.  Check.  And check.  The Universal Cable Tie passes all tensile strength tests and handles all of these situations with ease.

Regardless of the reason you need zipper ties, the Universal Cable Tie takes care of the task.  You can find this tie at many major homeowner’s supply retailers and hardware stores.