cabletieThat’s right – the Universal Plastic Cable Tie works in all situations that usually require many different cable ties.  What makes this plastic cable tie so versatile?

The reason is due to a very minor change, which astonishingly, has never been made before.  Like most industrial zip ties, it wraps around an object, or bunch of objects, securing them together.  However, nearly the entire length of the tie has holes punched in at even spaces.

So, after you’ve wrapped your pipe, electrical cables, or Ethernet cabling, for example, you can then fasten the tie to woodwork easily with a screw.  Conceptually, it’s not a dramatic change from other cable ties, but in reality, it’s a huge change that allows this tie to literally replace every other one available in the market.  In the plastic cable tie industry, it may be the largest innovation in the last two decades.

Situation Where this Zip Tie Shines

So, you’re probably wondering specific situations where this industrial zip tie pulls its weight.  Check out a few of those, and see if they apply to your home or work life:

  • Quickly fasten together product packaging
  • Organize electric cabling running throughout your home
  • Suspend one or more pipes from floor joists
  • Securing plants to a trellis
  • Separate the different cables in back of your TV or beneath your computer desk

As you can see, there’s no situation the Universal Plastic Cable Tie can’t handle.  If you can think of a 1001 uses for a zip tie, then this one can be used for all of them.  This tie cable will be available at most major homeowner’s supply and hardware retail stores.  If you have any questions about the tie, contact Universal Cable Tie Incorporated.