cabletieIf you need cable wire ties for help suspending or securing cables or piping at your home or business, you have literally hundreds of choices available.  They come in all colors, widths, and sizes.

But, the Universal Cable Tie outdoes them all.  In fact, it completely replaces all the functionality offered by every other cable wire tie in the industry.

The Kicker?  It’s All Due to a Very Simple Change

Surprisingly, no other cable tie in the industry used the design you find in the Universal Cable Tie.  The difference between this zipper tie and others is it has a number of holes punched into the tie at even intervals.  At the same time, it zips and seals just like a regular zipper tie.

Though it’s a very simple change, this change allows this tie to wrap around the cabling, piping, or object it secures and fastens, while at the same time being able to easily mount to any surface into which you can insert a screw.

Need to suspend some plumbing from a joist?  Not a problem for this tie.  Only need to keep a number of cables wrapped together?  It handles that well too.  Want to organize a bunch of cabling for your computer or home theatre system?  Well, that’s a cinch with this cable wrap.

Available at Major Hardware Retailers

You won’t have a hard time finding our cable wrap at many major retailers.  Look for our product in major distributors.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service team.

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