cabletieHow many times have you found yourself looking for exactly the right type of cable tie for a specific situation?  You could use a different cable tie for each of these different situations:

  • Organizing the cables going to and from your home theatre system
  • Threading a number of computer cables through small openings in your wall
  • Keeping long lengths of cable together to reduce the chances someone trips on them
  • Suspending PVC pipes up in the air at your home or business
  • Bunching long lengths of electrical wire together

Regardless of what application you need cable ties for, the Universal Cable Tie from Universal Cable Tie, Incorporated, does it all.

Mount Our Zip Tie Anywhere

Our cable tie has a series of evenly-spaced holes running nearly the entire length of the tie, which allows you to easily insert a screw and mount the tie anywhere.  If you don’t need to mount our zip tie, remember that it easily wraps around and secures bunches of wiring or a single pipe, much like you would expect out of the typical zip tie.  Or, if you need to mount the tie and wrap it around piping, a bunch of electrical cables, or something else altogether, you can rest assured the tie will exceed your expectations.

If you are looking for the most innovative upgrade to cable ties in the past two decades, look no further than the Universal Cable Tie.  Look for this cable tie at major retail chains.  Don’t be afraid to contact our friendly customer service if you have any questions about this groundbreaking plastic tie.