cabletieIf you browse around the internet, you can find thousands of uses for cable ties.  Some of the more obvious uses include for bundling cable, organizing cords behind your home theater system, securing piping in a designated area, or fastening product packaging together.

Other “creative” uses of zip ties/cable ties might include temporarily holding up your muffler, attaching plants in your garden to stakes to help them grow straight, and keeping Christmas decorations in place.

For all of these different uses, you might have to buy several different cable ties.  But, thanks to the Universal Cable Tie, you no longer have to do that.  This tie replaces every other one available in the market.

What’s Makes the Universal Cable Tie Different?

A very simple design change, which actually may be the biggest leap forward in cable tie history, allows this tie to function in numerous different situations.  It works very well for automobile, marine, industrial, residential, commercial, OEM, and heavy equipment applications.

What’s different about this tie is that it’s slightly wider than the average tie, which allows small, evenly-spaced holes to be punched across its entire length.  This gives the Universal Cable Tie the ability to easily handle any bundling or securing applications, but at the same time, it also mounts well to any surfaces that accept a standard drywall screw.

You can find this zip tie/cable tie mount combo at many of the major hardware retailers.