cabletieHow many different zipper ties have you used over the years?  Can you count all of the different applications they’ve had?  While plastic ties are most often used to bundle light, medium, or heavy duty cabling and secure piping to floor joists, they actually have thousands of uses, including:

  • Securing plants to a trellis to help them grow straight
  • Temporarily hold joints and wood panels together in woodworking
  • Serving as hanging loops for your garden and carpentry tools
  • Holding bike wheels from wobbling as you transport your bike

But, to handle all of the various personal, commercial, and industrial applications out there, you might need a variety of different plastic ties.  Thanks to the Universal Cable Tie, however, that’s no longer necessary.

You see, this plastic cable tie handles all mounting and wrapping functions commonly performed by a number of other cable ties, and it’s all due to a very simple innovation.

What’s Different about This Universal Plastic Tie?

No other plastic tie has holes, used for mounting, running nearly its entire length.  So, not only does this tie wrap or secure just about anything, but it works perfectly for mounting too.  The tie’s inventor, Tom Owen, was literally astonished when he researched the market and found out no one else had thought of this before.

So, no matter what use you have for a plastic cable tie, the Universal Cable Tie can do the job.  It’s available at most major homeowner’s supply and hardware retailers.