cabletieYou probably don’t think too hard about the zip ties you use.  After all, thousands of them are available, and all you have to do is go to your local hardware store to get the one you want.

But, what if you could have one zip tie that performs the functions of every other tie available?

That’s what the Universal Cable Tie does, and it’s all due to a relatively simple change.  The zip tie’s inventor, Tom Owen, realized that no other zip tie can be used for both mounting and wrapping at the same time.

Astonished that what he thought of didn’t already exist, he quickly secured a patent, worked out contracts with manufacturers, and lined up several distributors.  The tie actually has a very simple change that makes it so versatile.  It has a number of holes spanning almost its entire length.  So, this cable wire tie easily wraps bundles of light and heavy-duty cable, but at the same time, a screw can be inserted to allow it to mount the cabling to woodwork.

The Greatest Innovation in the Cable Wire Tie Industry in 20 Years

Compared to most industries, the cable wire tie industry has remained relatively unchanged.  Cable ties have remained basically unchanged for the last two decades, and very little change occurred from their invention in 1958 through the early 1990s.

But now, the Universal Cable Tie will shock the entire industry as it makes its way to the shelves of major retailers.  If you have any questions about this cable wrap, contact Universal Cable Tie online.