cabletieIf you have ever found yourself needing a specific type of cable tie for a very particular application, you may find you are driving yourself insane.  Thousands of different types of cable ties are available for just about every application, such as:

  • Miniature cable ties, which are best suited for bundling wires together
  • Intermediate zip ties, which are used for bundling heavier-duty wires and cabling
  • Mounted head ties, which allow you to both bundle and mount

Now, however, because cable tie manufacturer Universal Cable Tie, Incorporated has developed the Universal Cable Tie, all of these zip ties have been completely replaced.  The Universal Cable Tie:

  • Allows you to easily bundle light, medium, and heavy-duty cables
  • Easily mounts to any surface into which you can drive a screw
  • Replaces just about every zip tie available in the market because of its versatility

What’s Different about the Universal Cable Tie?

Practically speaking, not much is different, but the small difference between this tie and others makes it the largest leap forward in zip tie technology in nearly 20 years.  This tie contains a number of holes running its entire length, but at the same time, it also wraps and zips together just like you would expect with a standard tie.

Astonishingly, no other tie in the industry combines both of these features into a single product!  This tie functions well as a zip tie mount and standard cable die and is available at many major homeowner’s supply and hardware retailers.

If you have any questions, contact Universal Cable Tie, Incorporated online or visit your local chain hardware retailer.