cabletieWhen you purchase any product, whether for home or business use, you expect it to somehow make your life better or your business more efficient.  Fortunately, the Universal Cable Tie does exactly that.

In the past, you had to carefully consider what you needed to use cable ties for, and then make sure you bought the right one to do the job.  But, cable tie manufacturer Universal Cable Tie has created a product that does the work of all other ties available in the industry.  This tie works for all common applications, such as:

  • Residential use
  • Commercial applications
  • Heavy-duty industrial functions
  • Automobile use
  • Common marine functions

Regardless of the application, this industrial zip tie does the job.  It passes all tensile strength tests, so you don’t have to worry about its ability to handle heavy-duty jobs.

What’s Different about This Industrial Zip Tie?

The change which has led to this tie’s ability to replace all others is actually shockingly simple.  In fact, the inventor of this product, Tom Owen, couldn’t believe that somebody else hadn’t already thought of the idea on their own.

No other industrial zip tie available combines the ability to tie cables together with the ability to also easily mount to a wooden surface.  To accomplish this feat, the Universal Cable Tie is slightly wider than the average tie, which allows a number of holes to be punched along the length of the tie.  A standard Philips-head screw can be used to fasten the tie to any material that easily accepts screws.

That’s all there is to this tie – it really is that simple.  If you would like to purchase a single tie that replaces all others, simply visit your local chain homeowner’s supply store.