cabletieHow many products can you name that truly make your personal or business life better than before?  Many times, your expectations are set very high, but then once you actually use the product, you’re wondering why you paid what you did for it.

The Universal Cable Tie, however, delivers on all its promises to make your personal or business life much less complicated.

Due to a conceptually minor innovation, this zip tie performs the same functions as all others available in the market.  It can wrap and bundle, just like you expect every zip tie to do, but it’s also easy to mount to any surface that accepts a standard Phillips-head screw.  And, this cable tie passes all tensile strength tests, allowing it to easily handle both light and heavy duty jobs.

Now, instead of taking the time to figure out what you need a zip tie for so you can determine the right one to purchase, you can simply purchase the Universal Cable Tie and safely relax, knowing it can handle any situation.

What Makes This Zip Tie Different from Others?

The minor change we discussed before is as simple as punching evenly-spaced holes along the entire length of the plastic tie.  This change allows the cable tie to handle all bundling applications, and at the same time this zip tie mounts to any surface that accepts a standard screw.

The product’s inventor, Tom Owen, was astonished someone else hadn’t already thought of this.  In the cable tie industry, this may be the largest innovation ever, but it’s surely the farthest leap forward in the past 20 years.

This zip tie is available at many major homeowner’s supply stores.  If you would like to purchase this zip tie, simply visit your local hardware supply store.