Universal Cable Tie

Easily mount to any standard surface with a screw or
nail using the evenly spaced pre-molded holes.


Universal Cable Tie

Effortlessly tackle all bundling and securing applications
with our dual track locking feature.


Universal Cable Tie

Handle light and heavy-duty jobs with tensile
strengths of 50-90 lbs.

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About Universal Cable Tie

No other industrial zip tie available combines the ability to tie cables together with the ability to also easily mount to a any surface.

To accomplish this feat, the Universal Cable Tie is slightly wider than the average tie, which allows a number of holes to be punched along the length of the tie. A standard Philips-head screw can be used to fasten the tie to any material that easily accepts screws. If you’re interested in purchasing the Universal Cable Tie, you can contact:

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Arrow Industrial Supply
Westerville, OH (a suburb of Cleveland)
(800) 225-6763

Southwire Company
Carrolton, GA (outside Atlanta)
1-855-SWTOOLS (855-798-6657)

Weaver Distributing
Yakima, WA (S.E of Seattle)

Don Quichotte
The Netherlands
+31 492 74 50 00

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